My family and I love bonding over food, especially if they’re snacks.

Snack days are an all-day affair where we gather around the coffee table with a smorgashburg of fruit, meat, cheese, and bread (carbs yay!).

Not stressing and stretch-y pants are a must.

You might already know food makes everything more fun.

It’s also the one thing that’ll help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Which is why I’m sharing these 3 kitchen redesign must-haves, so you can whip up a healthy meal without worrying about it catching fire.

Use pull-out drawers inside your cabinets so you never have to dig with a flashlight looking for those breadcrumbs.

If you’ve ever rushed to find that one ingredient you forgot to take out, then you know how important it is to have easy access to your ingredients.

Because time isn’t always on your side when you’re having a dinner party of 6. And wrestling with your kitchen while cooking sucks up a lot of time.

This is where pull-out drawers will can help you reach for those hard-to-get to places in your cabinet so can get what you need quicker without panicking.

Worry less about the mess when you use hard surface materials like stone or engineered stone for your countertops so the clean up is easier and effortless.

Cooking is messy, so you need a space that can handle dough that goes flying or pizza sauce that splatters.

Not only that, a kitchen that is easier to clean means less scrubbing and more relaxing after a satisfying meal.

Finishes like stone or engineered stone give you the peace of mind that it will stay strong and beautiful when you’re throwing food at it.

Add more lighting in places that are dark like inside drawers and cabinets, or underneath cabinets so you can actually see what you’re doing.

Dim lighting can add warm ambiance and a romantic mood to any room.

But your kitchen is not where you’ll want to do this because

Being able to see your ingredients and watch how they’re coming along is key avoiding a Hell’s Kitchen disaster.

Make sure your kitchen is well lit so you can serve up delicious meals that aren’t over done or underdone, which means you never have to resort to frozen tv dinners or take out.

And now you have the three ways to update your kitchen so that cooking feels as effortless as strolling on the beach.

But if all the questions around redesigning your kitchen are making you dizzy, I feel ya.

Which is why I offer room by room assessments in my Reimagine My Home Consult service where I can guide you on how to makeover your kitchen share design advice to make it beautiful.

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Talk soon!