Lately, I’ve been following chef Max Mariola from Rome on Instagram.

I love eating healthy and cooking, and what’s special about Max is his enthusiasm for quality and fresh ingredients.

What does chef Max have to do with interior design?

Interior designers are a lot like chefs because we use our creativity to serve up beautiful home interiors for you to enjoy.

But did you know there are different kinds of designers?

Each one has a specialty that will’ll give you different results, and today I’m going to share the 4 types of designers you’ll typically meet.

This way, you can choose which one best matches your needs.

Keep reading to find out what they are and what they can do for you.

1. In-Store Designer

These designers are retail associates who are knowledgeable about their brand’s product line. They can help you select pieces based on the furniture you want and the size you need. Some may also offer help with furniture layouts and mood boards.

Perfect if you…

  • Are looking for 1 or 2 pieces for your home
  • Looking for minimal design help
2. E-Designer

E-designers are your virtual design expert who can help you select furniture, art, and accessories in the style of your liking. You’ll provide the room dimensions and they’ll create furniture layouts, mood boards, and sometimes room renderings. At the end of your design service, you’ll receive a shopping list for you to order and manage deliveries from.

Perfect if you…

  • Are looking for design help, but can manage the furniture delivery process
  • Feel comfortable shopping with big box furniture retail chains
3. Kitchen & Bath Designer

These designers specialize in renovations for your kitchen or bathroom only. They’ll help you draw up your new space layout, select finishes and fixtures, and collaborate with other professionals like general contractors. From the design process to the final installation of your project, this designer will be there to guide you.

Perfect if you…

  • Want a whole new look for your bathroom or kitchen
  • Need design help throughout the entire process
4. Full Service Designer

Full services designers can offer both furniture and renovation design services for any room in your home including kitchen and bathrooms. You’ll get access to their wide network of vendors and contractors, which means your design will be fully customizable. They will also help you manage your orders and collaborate with contractors.

Perfect if you…

  • Are looking for furniture that is unique and special
  • Want a home that is customized to your needs

And those are the 4 types of interior designers that you’ll come across in your home redesign journey.

Now you can decide which level of service is right for you.

Always here to support you,