Memoirs are one of my favorite book genres because of how personal the stories are coming from the author.

You learn minute details from their early life to adulthood, and what shaped who they are.

Decorating your home is like telling your life story.

And how dull would it be if you told the same story over and over?

The same goes for furniture.

So, what’s the secret to keeping your room from feeling dull?

One way is by mixing in vintage furniture and here are some reasons why.

Vintage furniture is no longer in production or mass produced making it rare. This means it’ll stand out in your room and you won’t see it popping up everywhere.

I once had a client who insisted that we steer clear of furniture from popular retail chains because her friends already had so many of their pieces.

It was important for each item to have a unique identity, but complement the rest of the furniture in the room. This made every angle in the room look special and intriguing.

By doing this, it gives your eye a yummy buffet of visual excitement.

Something else that most people don’t realize is this.

Vintage furniture can be reupholstered and refinished, so you can play with colors and patterns.

In the past, furniture was made from slow growth tree hundreds of years old making them stronger and long lasting.

These frames can be taken apart, reinforced, and refinished without losing its original shape.

And reupholstering vintage furniture in modern fabrics will transform it into an eye-catching statement piece.

Picture this.

You’re listening to John Batiste and enjoying a glass of wine while lounging on a 1950’s Italian chaise covered in the softest wool.

And you’re not worried about getting it dirty because it has stain protection.

These are moments when vintage furniture makes simple pleasure in life more glamourous.

Click here to see how we transformed Patti’s living room with this vintage slipper chair. 

And finally.

It’s sustainable, which keeps time worn gems out of landfills by repurposing them in your home.

With so much detritus generated every day, choosing vintage furniture allows you to consider the environment and keep timeless beautiful pieces from going to waste

You’ll also inspire others to do the same.

And often times, they becomes heirloom pieces you can pass down to your children and your grandchildren.

Have a wonderful day!


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