Reimagine My Home Consult

Finally create a home you love with a designer who gets you.
Show me all the areas that’ve been bugging you in the comfort of your
home without fussing with technology.

Want a place to hide after a long day with the kids?
Going back and forth on the latest design trend but not sure if you should
do it? (Looking at you squiggly furniture)

I’ve got you covered!

What’s Included

Reimagine Planning Session
I’ll create a list of room beautifying tips for each area one by one

Room Style Inspiration
Explore (3) inspiration images to hone in on a style that excites you

Investment Level Guidance & Timeline
Find out what your investment level and time lines are

Full Service Design
Learn more about the services that can help you

This Service Is Perfect If You…

Know your home needs work but can’t visualize how to make it better

Are overwhelmed with decision fatigue and want clear guidance

Want to know how to make your home beautiful and easy to care for

What You’ll Recieve

(1) Reimagine Planning Summary

(1) Room Style Inspiration

(1) Investment Level Guidance & Timeline

(1) Service Recommendation


2 Hours


Consultations are priced as a flat fee

What To Do Next


Select a date and time, fill in your contact details, and I’ll call you.