Makeover My Kitchen & Bath

Do you dream of cooking up delicious and healthy

meals for your friends and family?

Get the the latest kitchen appliances and cooking features so you

can make that mouthwatering Chicken Fricassee recipe in your recipe box.

The best part?

Not worrying about making a mess with the newest countertop, backsplash,

and cabinetry materials that hold up and look good.

Before that next dinner party, picture this.

You’re relaxing in your bathrobe while doing your skincare routine.

The soft lighting illuminates your face with that glamorous

glow-up look.

You’re feeling beautiful and confident after a long spa-like shower.

Where are you?

If you guessed it, you’re in the celebrity bathroom of your dreams and I want

to help you make it real.

What’s Included

Design Drawings

You’ll see floor plans, elevations, and room sketches of your new design so

you can get a sense of how it will look

Room Style Inspiration

Together we’ll choose from a collection of style images to inspire the look of your room

Interior Fixtures & Finishes

I’ll show you finishes and fixtures that work with your style inspiration

Detailed Design Drawings and Specs

Detailed design documents with measurements are included so your design

can be produced to your specifications

In-Person Design Meetings

You and I will meet every 2-3 weeks to show you how your design is


Design Management

I’ll help you work with contractors and vendors to complete your design

This Service Is Perfect If You…

Can’t decide on what style or features will elevate your kitchen without
clashing with the rest of your home

Are overwhelmed with all the decisions that go into a bathroom and want
help pulling it together

Want a sleek and sophisticated design that you won’t get sick of for years
to come

What You’ll Recieve

(1) Floor Plan and/or Elevation

(1) Room Style Inspiration

(1) Fixture & Finishes Board

(1) Set of Detailed Design Drawings

(1) Room Sketch

2 Revisions Each

(1) Investment Estimate

5-6 In Person Meetings (every 2-3 weeks)

Our Meeting Schedule

Meeting 1: Floor Plan/Elevation and Room Style Inspiration

Meeting 2: Finish Selections

Meeting 3: Fixture Selections

Meeting 4: Detailed Design Drawings and Specs

Meeting 5: Investment Estimate


Estimated 10-12 weeks

per room


Design services are priced as a flat design fee per room

Project management is priced as a percentage of the overall project cost

What To Do Next


Select a date and time, fill in your contact details, and I’ll call you.